Find the right model designed for you.

RuggedTubTM offers a wide selection of utility sinks available in three colours, with or without the faucet and fittings. From the most compact to the most spacious, find the perfect product for your needs among our many options.

Consult the following tables to find which products are recommended for your intended use, and each model’s technical specifications.


  Classic 18 Classic 24 Nova 24 Nova 32 Classic 48
Workshop   X X    
Garden shed   X X    
Pet store       X X
Garden centre   X X    
Kennel       X X
Animal breeder       X X
Commercial or industrial warehouse       X X
Farm       X X
Commercial garage       X X
Residential garage   X X    
Car wash   X   X X
Residence, house X   X    
Laundry room X   X    
Hair salon     X    
Pet groomer       X X

  Classic 18 Classic 24 Nova 24 Nova 32 Classic 48
Accessory (shelf)     X X  
Compatible with the Classic 48   X     X
Standard-size utility sink   X X   X
Narrow sink X        
Installation in a standard 24-inch x 21-inch cabinet   X X    
Polypropylene levelers (no scratches, no rust)     X X  
Available as an all-in-one X X X X  
Available in black (100% recycled polypropylene) X X X   X
Adjustable legs X X X X X
Legs designed to hold up two shelves X X     X
Soap bottle holder     X X  
Soap dish X X X X X
4-inch C/P faucet X X X X X
8-inch C/P faucet X   X X  
Single-hole faucet X X X X X
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